The month of December 2021 is officially closed.

Happy New Year 2022!


In response to local government advisements to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, many of our staff are still working remotely for the time being.  We have full access to our operating systems and are accessible via email and phone as per usual (further details on phone contacts for each office below).  Staff have access to the office as needed to take care of any essential operations that cannot be handled remotely.  

Gordon, Matson and Vin Lux are maintaining normal warehouse operations, with some of their administrative staff working remotely as well.  All of our companies are an integral part of the food logistics system and we have a responsibility to keep goods moving for consumers and our international winery partners.  We are committed to taking all advisable precautions to protect the safety of our employees and our communities, while also avoiding disruption to essential services during this difficult time.

To reach Sausalito staff by phone, please call the office number 415-331-4906 and listen to the directory prompts to be automatically connected to our mobile numbers.  Here’s a list of directory prompts for quick reference:

Karie Rutkowski, Order & Import Department Manager – press 2
Jason Siebenthall, Accounts Receivable & Inventory – press 3
Erin Rohde, Order Department CSR – press 4
Jessica Rock, Order Department CSR – press 5
Susan Mitchell, Operations Coordinator – press 6
Emma Harris, Operations Coordinator – press 8 
Serena Campbell, Operations Director – press 9 

To reach Portland staff by phone, please call their mobile numbers directly:

Carol Amoroso, Accounting Manager – 207.831.4952
Nicole Fowles, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable – 207.233.9366
Mary Brousseau, Compliance Director – 207.522.6327 
Stephanie Ducharme, Special Projects Director – 774.276.0291
Steve Melchiskey, Managing Member – 207.653.3293