The month of July 2023 closed on 8/10/23.

Effective August 1, 2023, we are transitioning to a new software (Apprise) and reporting platform (MHW CRD).  This website ( is our old reporting platform and it will not reflect any transactions dated after July 31st.  Your user logins will continue to work on this platform for all historical data up to July 31st, 2023. New reporting data for all transactions from August 1st, 2023 forward will be exclusively available on MHW’s CRD. Access the CRD for up-to-date information at 

We are no longer processing check payments at our Sausalito office.  Pllease mail check payments to our bank lockbox at the following address:
USA Wine West, LLC
P.O. Box 894952
Los Angeles, CA 90189-4952

Please be advised that effective May 1st, the Portland, Maine physical office is closed.  All staff in Maine are still working and will continue to work, however they will be 100% remote.  You should know that for all but two employees, the Portland staff have already been remote since March of 2020.  Only two employees regularly staffed our Portland office for the past three years, so there will be no noticeable impact on you or your business. If you didn’t know we were working remotely in the first place, then it’s unlikely that this “change” will be noticed by you either.

If you come to town, we have access to meeting spaces we can use to get everyone together, and there is always a good lobster roll around the corner! 

The one area where there will be some impact is in sample shipments that used to route through the Portland office.  For now, we are going to evaluate how best to deal with sample shipments on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us prior to shipping samples so that we can give you the best instructions for a successful shipment for trade and magazine samples.  We are working on a consolidated, single-point sample depot, but this is likely some weeks away; in the meantime, we will make sure that we have solutions that work for you.  But please do not ship samples to the Portland, Maine office effective immediately.

To reach Sausalito staff by phone, please call the office number 415-331-4906 and listen to the directory prompts to be automatically connected to our mobile numbers.  Here’s a list of directory prompts for quick reference:

Erin Rohde, Order Department CSR – press 2
Jessica Rock, Order Department CSR – press 3
Nancy Green, Order Department CSR – press 4
Jason Siebenthall, Accounts Receivable & Inventory Manager – press 6
Karie Rutkowski, Order & Import Department Manager – press 8
Serena Campbell, Operations Director – press 9 

To reach Portland staff by phone, please call their mobile numbers directly:

Carol Amoroso, Accounting Manager – 207.632.4450
Nicole Fowles, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable – 207.233.9366
Mary Brousseau, Compliance Director – 207.329.4304
Kylie Henshaw, Compliance – 845.800.4233
Sonya Theriault, Compliance – 207.710.1983
Stephanie Ducharme, Special Projects Director – 207.415.5456
Steve Melchiskey, President – 207.415.8481